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I could be the moon to lighten your darkest night
And all I would ask is to be remembered
Long after the sun has risen.
S. K. J   aka Ustacould

Who actually is Ustacould?

  Well there is so much I could say about this person that I would have a difficult time deciding where to begin. As they say.... "maybe the beginning would be a good starting place"
First thing should be the name Ustacould. It has no particular meaning. A while back while watching a Nascar Auto Race, the announcer stated something about someone not doing things like they use to could. It just hit me as cute.
Use to could.    Hmmm....... usetocould......    Ustacould.

Born at what was called Heaton Hospital in Montpelier Vermont on September 18th 1956. The seventh of eight children with a total age span of seventeen years. With one younger sister, two older sisters, and four older brothers, a loving Mother and Father, my childhood was a happy and carefree time. I really believe I had a great and memorable childhood.

Cancer took away my Father in 1980 and had the evilness of also stealing my Mother in 1984. A Brother also left me in 1984 and another Brother in 2008. Death has strengthened me although others may say it has made me cold. Either way, I understand death and therefore better understand life.

I Married in 1977, Daughter born in 1977 also, Son born in 1979. Marriage ended in 1985. My Grand Daughter was born in 1997 and a Grand Son was born in 2001.

I am technically unmarried although have been living together with a great woman for over 24 years now and we each consider ourselves as being married, as being as one. We are the bestest of buddies to the extent that we each feel lost without the other on the rare occasion when we are apart for a day.
On October 31st 2008, yup Halloween, we were officially married.

I acquired a liking of the outdoors at a very early age which has seemed to grow even stronger through the years. I have a very strong passion for nature and her beauty and especially in natures creatures. I have had many enjoyable close encounters with many different wild creatures over the years. I have held a deer fawn in my arms, I have had wild skunks, racoons, and many types of wild birds eat food from my hand. chipmunk peeling and eating an apple from within my jacket pocket and then to sit on my toes to rest, had butterflies land on my open hand, Doe, Buck, Bobcat, wild turkeys, each standing within 5 feet of me. I truly enjoy the wild creatures.
As much as I like watching wild animals, I also have a passion for Bass Fishing and Bowhunting Wild Boar and Whitetail deer. I Received my certification from Vermont Fish & Wildlife as an International Bowhunter Education Instructor in 1994.

Many can not understand how anyone can adore natures creatures as much as I do and yet to also hunt them.
Those who do not understand,    are those who do not have a true respect for nature.

As for one of my latest accomplishments...I Received my PADI certification as an Open Water Scuba Diver in 2002 and my TDI NITROX certification in Feb 2004.


To be Continued..........

Not sure if I am the first sea creature the puppy has ever seen but he sure was curious.
I think he was actually disappointed when he realized that I was only a human.

Nelson Pond     Calais,VT    7/29/03
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